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One Two Three Four, I Do Not Like War


One Two Three Four, I Do Not Like War !
Three people, three stories of love, loss and adventure.
War’s A Drag takes place in 1955. A 19 year old farm boy, Jim Armstrong, and his best friend, Andy, are headed for adventure. They join the Merchant Navy and sail the world – they see the world, but the world also sees them.
They meet a jazz singer, Sarah, who sings like an angel and shares a love with Jim. But Sarah’s life is in danger. She has gone into hiding and needs Jim’s help.
Jim and Andy return to England to get married. Their happiness is short lived when war breaks out in Korea. A chance meeting with a WW1 veteran, Harry, leads to more adventures for them both.
Jim Armstrong is an ordinary boy from the West Country, a lad who has been brought up with traditional values. He has no interest in girls or love, and his life revolves around his farm.
Andy is Jim’s best friend, and his only friend really. He likes Jim, and likes being with him, but their friendship is based only on mischievous humour.
Jim meets Sarah at a concert. The attraction between them is instant, but Sarah is a jazz singer and has secrets.
Jim and Andy are both happy-go-lucky characters. They accept everything that happens to them, good and bad. They trust their instincts, and have boundless energy.
Sarah is a jazz singer. Her life has been difficult, and she trusts no one. She is drawn to Jim, but knows there is nothing between them.
Harry is a World War 1 veteran. He is cynical and bitter, and is suspicious of everyone. His war has left him with physical and mental scars, and he struggles to cope in the harsh post-war world.
Rosa is Jim’s grandmother. She has lived through two world wars, and she knows only too well the horrors of war. She is wise and pragmatic, and is the only person on earth Jim can talk to.
“…For a 15 year old, it’s very realistic and is told extremely well…”
“…a gripping tale and readers will certainly be lost in this adventure…”
“…a thoroughly enjoyable tale that will leave you wanting more…”
“…a gripping read, with twists and turns that keep you guessing…”
“…a captivating read…”Five stars…”
“…a great storyline…”Five stars…”
“…a well-written

Date: December 18, 2022
Actors: Anne Dubois